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As an average, once your information gets to a recruiter you have about 10 seconds before he or she decides whether to place your resume into the "moving forward" category, the "hold for future opportunities" category, or the recycle bin (real or virtual). It sounds rough, but the initial screening isn't to locate the perfect candidate, but to screen out everything not even close. Separate the chaff from the whey, if you will.

This office has had some backups the last week or so, and as such the amount of resumes to be screened is huge. The 10 second rule is a necessity at this point!

For unknown reasons (as it typical with the peaks and ebbs in this business) the majority of the resumes I am dealing with now are either for our Manager of EHS Compliance of for our Fleet Maintenance Manager openings. These 2 positions have strict pass/fail requirements that are clearly spelled out in the job description. The OSHA position requires clinical experience. The Fleet Maintenance Supervisor position requires, well, fleet maintenance experience.

In this day and age there are many candidates for each position. As I open and look at each resume, most are lacking these basic requirements, to my initial decision is easy. Your last position was 3 years as a Supervisor at the Sunglasses hut? Guess which direction your resume is going. A quick "delete" and I'm on to the next.

I have been running into some that give me pause. The Fleet Maintenance Supervisor position needs someone with experience working with the Mechanics. I've received several good Operations supervisors I might want to hang on to. But, if they send me their resume for a Maintenance Supervisor position, are they weak at reading? Desperate? Just sending their resume out to any posting? Bottom line - is this someone I'd want to back for a position they ARE qualified for?

Anyway, I digress. 10 seconds. If you've sent me your resume for a job you're not qualified for, I lose 10 seconds. I'm sure you have lost more, and it's a waste of your time and mine. If you just want to get your resume into our system, find the link to do just that, find my email and send it to me with a personal note, do something. Just be aware of how the machine operates, and let it work in your favor.


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