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Something many candidates don't know (or don't think of) is the fact that in this day and age most resumes are imported into a program that can pick out all the pertinent words and phrases and store them away. Then, when the recruiter is looking for a candidate they put in their search terms and your resume will come up to be considered.

All in all, the system works adequately, but there are SOOO many factors that have to be considered. I'm going to touch on just a couple today, because I found myself with a little spare time and I'm adding about a weeks worth of resumes into the database. The very first one received 2 thumbs down from the computer, and I'll explain why.

At first glance when I opened this resume (it was a Word .docx) it looked very nice, but I saw trouble lurking.

The contact information was very high, which is an immediate indication that the candidate used the header. 2 things about this - I for one like to use that header space for my notes either during hard copy printing or after. Also, many resume programs won't read info from the header.

The left hand fifth of the entire resume was filled with a green column with information: Certifications, skills, etc and by the time you got to page 2, quotes from previous managers. Mixed thoughts on the quotes - initially I thought it looked good, then on reflection I thought it was a little tacky since this was a fleet job. More appropriate perhaps for a novelist. My third thought was that it was going to give my importing program indigestion.

I pointed my program at this resume and wished it "Bon apetit" and stood back. It didn't take long before the program called "Uncle!"

In my program, the first results screen is contact info, with a small window below showing the resume for reference. The only thing the program could ID was the email address. The window below showed nothing, so I had to open the original attachment to get first and last, city, state and zip, and phone numbers that were hidden in the header.

Moving on to the next screen where the computer makes note of all those terms I've taught it over the years I find the computer has decided this resume belongs to a mechanic instead of a senior Fleet Manager with multiple qualifications that should have shown. Looking back at what the computer sees, all I get is the information in green - the gravy, if you will instead of the meat I'm looking for.

I have to do something, because what I have at this point is a disservice to everyone involved. The way I see it, I have 3 options:

#1 Grab a couple of skills from the resume and cut and paste into my program
#2 Abort the import and then open the resume in Word, shift the info from the header, hope the green column is a table cell that I can easily delete and/or edit to nothing
#3 Save it as plain text and reopen and reformat
#4 Bag it. Save it with name indicating to address it if/when time allows (which may be weeks or may just lead to a delete - depends on time)

None of these options are really good to everyone. BTW, don't expect #3 to happen very often. I only do that if a resume has really blown my doors off!

Again, just my opinion.

I'm going to go reread this resume (the original) and decide what number I"m going to give it . . .

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